Margard Demo

Margard bonded windows anti-vandal test videos.

Video 1: Applying the adhesive

This video shows the procedure used for applying the adhesive to the vehicle body side including how to overlap to create a good waterproof seal.

Video 2: Adhesive bead and prepared panel

This video shows the adhesive bead in its prepared state and also the panel and the UV band applied around its perimeter.

Video 3: Panel Fitting

This video shows the best procedure for applying the Margard panel to the adhesive bead on the vehicle

Video 4: Panel Fitted

This video shows the panel in its fitted state and demonstrates how it has curved and fitted flush to the vehicle side.

Video 5: Breaking In

This test was done using a panel 1430 x 630 which has been bonded to a side loading door off a ford transit, the test is to approve the bonding of Margard using a specific system of Windscreen adhesive and UV potective ink – The police test is 7 consecutive strikes.

Video 6: High Impact Test

This video shows a fork truck being driven into the exact same spot as the repeated impacts at a speed of 8mph, the forks have been narrowed to impact together side by side to heighten the point of pressure.

Video 7: Breaking Out

This video demonstrates the adhesion qualities in preventing someone from breaking out from the vehicle when they have been detained. Obviously when testing the break in method the Margard has a support backing from the door or vehicle side, in this instance there is no such support.

Video 8: Can I Destroy It ?

This shows my attempt to test to destruction, this is far and away the most punishment that this type of application will be expected to withstand and is proof of our ability to bond Margard to the side of a vehicle for High security applications.